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Green Juices

Driven by our mantra ''Drink Nyanga Apples'' we are producing more than six different products from every apple harvest we get with the aim of getting drinkable products for the diverse population of Zimbabwe. listed below are some of the products .


Apple Cider Vinegar        ''with mother''

This is a Raw , unfiltered and  unpasteurised  Apple Cider Vinegar made from apples grown in Nyanga. It is fermented with wild yeast to 5% acidity in clay vessels for 1 year before bottling.

Fire Cider

This is an infusion of raw apple cider vinegar with some of mother nature’s finest medicinal roots, nutritious fruits and healing herbs. Ingredients include Garlic , Moringa ,Zumbani ,Cinnamon ,Lemon juice….


Apple Jack

Apple jack is a smooth alcoholic beverage made by concentrating cider into a high alcohol liquor. In this particular Cider makers reserve, the cider is first aged for 2 years in lees to develop a more complex taste. It is also aged in sun dried apples and oak chips , this brings back the delicious flavour of apples. Enjoy this drink neat on ice or as a whiskey replacement in cocktails.


Apple wine

After fermenting apple juice the resulting wine is aged in oak chips for at least 6 months before bottling 

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